Holistic addiction treatment in Richmond, TX

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You don’t have to go through this alone.

Confidant Health specializes in substance use therapy. It can be hard to break free from addiction, but we're here to help you do it. Patients who come to us for treatment get evidence-based therapies that help them get to the root of their problems so they can make changes in their lives. Residents in Richmond, TX trust our experts to do a good job and take care of them.

When you choose Confidant Health, you can be certain that your health care will be kept private, personal, and secure. Download our app now for free!

Why Choose Confidant Health For Your Addiction Treatment Needs in Richmond, TX?

Patient-centered therapy

Confidant Health is dedicated to providing addiction treatment tailored to each patient's needs. In order to provide you with the best care possible, we will work with you to understand your needs. Confidant Health's mission is to help you or a loved one lead a happy, healthy life.

Accessible experts

Confidant Health saves lives by increasing the accessibility of addiction treatment professionals and wraparound supports. The traditional barriers including cost, driving distance, inconvenient hours, and strict requirements are removed so that you can get judgment-free care.

Effective treatment plans

Confidant Health care teams work with patients to create customized treatment plans to help them successfully overcome their substance use disorders. Our team of experts will work with you one-on-one to address the underlying factors driving your use to help you find meaningful healing.

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What can you expect when you download the Confidant Health app?

Confidant Health is the only app designed to make it easy for you and your family to live a better life.

Essential support for the entire family.

Recovery requires dedication and support. Everyone is vulnerable to the impacts of drug and alcohol misuse, yet you may help your kid or spouse in unexpected ways. Confidant recognizes how stressful this process is for all parties. So we educate, treat, and empower everyone touched by addiction – from users to their loved ones.

Get help anytime you need it.

It's hard to foresee the future in an unpredictable environment. Making a strategy for your recovery is the finest thing you can do. It simply takes a few clicks to reach Confidant Health's specialists. Confidant Health offers virtual addiction counseling to aid with recovery. We're here to help you during your rehabilitation. With Confidant, you can regain your life.

Holistic approach.

Confidant Health offers several addiction treatment choices. This includes psychotherapy, medicine, and social and family therapy. You can take a breath knowing you or your loved one is in good hands throughout the recovery process with our high-quality service at a low cost.

Use the Confidant Health app to find a licensed provider in Richmond, TX

Our application lets you engage with specialists remotely and arrange appointments using your mobile device. You won't be startled by hidden fees because pricing is clearly shown when you book a service.

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Trusted by 5000+ members

Addiction Treatment FAQs

How will I know if I need addiction treatment?

Addiction may strike anybody, but some indicators can suggest when action is recommended. If you didn't quit taking drugs or alcohol despite the repercussions, it might be best to contact a professional and seek help.

If you are experiencing difficulty staying away from drugs and alcohol or experiencing low self-esteem due to addiction, please consult with one of the specialists at Confidant Health. We are here to help.

What do I do if I relapse?

Relapse is prevalent in recovery. But don't beat yourself up over it and take action straight away. If you find yourself wanting drugs or alcohol, reach out to your Confidant providers and return to your treatment plan. If you get re-dependent on drugs or alcohol, Confidant Health is always there for you. Despite your fears, realize that you can overcome addiction and that individuals will help you.

What does Confidant’s addiction treatment in Richmond, TX look like?

Confidant's mobile app addiction therapy is a cutting-edge way to treat drug and alcohol misuse. It is available on both Google Play and iOS. A team of medical experts developed this program. Anyone can get addiction therapy anywhere - at home, work, or on vacation. To use Confidant, you must first create an account using your name, email address, and other details. Read more about how Confidant Health works.

Still have questions?

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Are you in Richmond, TX, and need help with addiction treatment?

Our goal is to help you achieve a drug-free life. Get our free app today to learn how we can help.

Confidant Health gives you access to the best physicians and therapists in a virtual wellness network. Contacting these experts will be more accessible than ever before because of the app's continual availability.

In Richmond, we provide virtual coaching, medication-assisted treatment, individual counseling, and group programs to help you cut back on drug and alcohol use or overcome addiction. This often involves working through major mental health issues, including depression and anxiety. You can monitor your mental health and drug usage goals with just one app.

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Trusted by 5000+ members