How It Works

We’re an app-based hub of resources and real life clinical providers that help people thrive. Whatever you want, and whatever your pace, we have something for you. Meet 1:1 with compassionate, highly skilled therapists, prescribers, and coaches – or just chat on your own with our chatbot Alfie.

All of our services are designed to protect your privacy while giving you the support you need. It’s also 100% judgement free.

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What you can expect...

It depends on what you want. You can:

Chat with Alfie and he’ll get to know your needs.

Connect with a matchmaker to get direction from a real person.

Book an appointment to connect directly with a prescriber, therapist, or coach.

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We’ll assess your needs and help you identify your goals

Whether you’re working with one of our clinicians or going through Conversational Courses with Alfie, we work with you to assess your situation and goals. This helps us provide you with the best care and resources.

Ongoing support

This might include ongoing sessions, medication management, exercises, reading materials, videos, and other resources.

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What's with the dog? Meet Alfie

Alfie, our Automated Lifestyle Feedback Intelligence Engine (and the cute little dog you see throughout the app) represents a culmination of two years of work to create a dynamic support system for managing behavioral health and substance use.

Alfie was built by a passionate group of technologists, epidemiologists, health economists, behavioral health providers, patient advocates, people using drugs, and family members.

How it works

Easily book an appointment with a provider and start building your care plan. We offer services that are based on science to help you feel better and reach your goals. Whether you could benefit from therapy or medications, we can support you.

1. Browse our provider directory

Find a provider who meets your criteria and can serve your area. The Confidant Provider Network is full of experts with a range of specialties and disciplines.

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2. Book online, instantly

Set up your first appointment. We’ll gather some information from you up front to get to know you and save time down the road.

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3. Let insurance help pay for care

Confidant Health works with most major health plans. Submit your information and insurance can help pay for your sessions. There is also a cash-pay option.

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4. Build your care plan

Whether that includes ongoing therapy, FDA-approved medications for mental health or addiction, or some combination of these we will use science to help you reach your goals.

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5. Track improvements

Complete regular assessments and work with the care team to track your progress. There is no judgment, we’re here to help you get where you want to go.

6. Reach the goals that you define for yourself

Keep working with your care team until you’re ready to graduate from care, but remember, we’re always here when you need us.

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Get on the path to recovery with Confidant Health

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Why It Works

The treatment approach at Confidant Health combines the best of the art and science of mental health and substance use treatment. We combine evidence-based interventions with a holistic person-centered approach.


Our People

Confidant providers are compassionate and knowledgeable. They’re trained in the cutting-edge best practices around drug use, addiction and mental health – but they also see that the bigger picture. We won’t reduce you to your substance use. Instead, we align the right resources to help you achieve your version of success.


Personalized Care

What works for one person doesn’t always work for someone else. At Confidant, we believe in looking at the context and nuance within your life. This is called patient-centered care, and we’re champions of it. Cookie cutters are for people addicted to sugar.


Integrated Access

We designed Confidant to be as accessible as your vices. Get support on your schedule and work with people who understand that life doesn’t stop when you decide to start setting and achieving new goals. We don’t want to slow you down, but we promise to be there when you need us. Access our services any time, anywhere.

Confidant Community Payment Model

Our "Pay it Forward" approach enables people to access our services for as little as $1 Because your income shouldn't dictate your future.

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Step into the life you actually want

The only thing you’ll pay for are the sessions you choose to book with clinical providers. And because we’ve formed our own network, the rates are better than you’ll find elsewhere.